Graduate Students


EAS-MA candidate presents research to peers at an AP Forum event, September 2017


Graduate students at APSI have a diverse array of disciplinary and regional interests, resulting in a robust and dynamic academic community within and beyond the classroom. Graduates go on to professional careers in such fields as business, education, law, media, and nonprofits or pursue doctoral degrees at renowned universities.



Hiba Ahmed
Research Interests: pedagogy and education; critical theory; Chinese ideology, culture, and the virtual nation-state 



Quinn Bulkeley
Research Interests: modern Japanese literature, particularly works concerning the colonial period in Japan and Korea, as well as Zainichi literature 


Chen Lingyi.png

Lingyi Chen
Research Interests: Modern history and politics of Japan and Korea; storytelling in human societies.


Fang Wenjin.png

Wenjin Fang
Research Interests: Western intellectual perspectives on China; intellectual history. 



Shuqing Guo
Research Interests: Chinese literature and history 


Han Seulbin.png

Seulbin Han
Research Interests: Intercultural and interlingual communication, translation theory, nationalistic and cultural representation, and the emergence of multi-lingual communities in today's global society.


Hao Mingkang.png

Mingkang Hao
Research Interests: Chinese gender and queer history from late-imperial to Mao-era China.  


Herndon Jackson.png

Jackson Herndon
Research Interests: Chinese intellectual and social history of the 19th and 20th centuries.



Liangyu Peng
Research Interests: New generation migrant workers in urban China; Chinese subculture as a form of identity construction and resistance



SeungHyeon Pyo
Research Interests: translation of western concepts, socio-economic transformation, and the national awakening in 19th century Japan.



Yuan Wang
Research Interests: Intellectual history of late imperial China; cultural history and religious study


No Picture.png

Zhushengyuan Wang

Research Interests: Cultural anthropology of China, infrastructure and development.


Wu Ruowei.png

Ruowei Wu 
Research Interests: Colonial and post-colonial literature of China and Korea; diaspora memory, power dynamics.


Yang Chunxiao.png

Chunxiao Yang 
Research Interests: Chinese women; historical sociology of 20th century China; China's integration into global capitalist networks; urbanization and inequality. 


Zong Junquan.png

Junquan Zong 
Research Interests: Japanese literature and culture; contemporary Japanese economics.