Graduate Students

EAS-MA candidate presents research to peers at an AP Forum event, September 2017

Graduate students at APSI have a diverse array of disciplinary and regional interests, resulting in a robust and dynamic academic community within and beyond the classroom. Graduates go on to professional careers in such fields as business, education, law, media, and nonprofits or pursue doctoral degrees at some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Si Cen
Research Interests: role of NGOs in ethnic minority communities in China, Chinese media

Yiyi Cui
Research Interests: Japanese society and Sino-Japanese relations

Chu Deng
Research Interests: Chinese cinema and culture

Rong Fan
Research Interests: Japanese society, relations between the U.S. and East Asia

Zihan Feng
Research Interests: Sinophone writings, female writers in 20th Century China, film adaptations of literary works

Xinglu Jiang
Research Interests: modern Chinese literature, contemporary Japanese culture

Lun Jing
Research Interests: Japan's post-war cultural and social history

Tojiro Kataya
Research Interests: intersection of politics and transnational popular culture in the 1990's, Japanese pop music in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Kiduck Kim
Research Interests: history and international trade

Nian Liu
Research Interests: digital media, television and the Internet and its effects on diverse social values in East Asia

Xiaoning Lu
Research Interests: environmental history of East Asian countries, environmental issues

Boyang Ma
Research Interests: economics, development, anthropology of China

Chuanhui Meng
Research Interests: modern Chinese literature and film, queer studies, diaspora and film

Ruoyao Pan
Research Interests: Sino-Japanese relations, history, education and politics of language

Shuning Pan
Research Interests: comparative study of Japan and China, contemporary Japanese art

Ruojin Sa
Research Interests: preservation of Northeastern Asian ethnic minories

Di Song
Research Interests: foreign relations, economics, Japan

Yi Sun
Research Interests: contemporary Chinese literature

Mier Tai
Research Interests: comparative history and culture of East Asia, ethnic diaspora

Keyun Tian
Research Interests: queer narratives, postcolonial conditions and historical traumas in literary and visual texts of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Dingding Wang
Research Interests: East Asian literature, film, and culture

Wenyi Wang
Research Interests: political economy and social development in China and other East Asian countries

Yatong Wang
Research Interests: modern Japanese literature and popular culture, including anime and otaku culture

Xinyi Wu
Research Interests: Chinese women's economic participation and gender issues, economic and social background of Chinese feminism

Kaiyang Xu
Research Interests: international relations, film and communication studies

Ningxin Xu
Research Interests: post-Shaman psychic culture/community in rural Northeast China

Yumin Yang
Research Interests: modern Chinese literature and cinema

Gusen Yi
Research Interests: Hunan and the story of Hunanese during the Chinese Revolution through the 20th Century

Fei Yuan
Research Interests: Japanese and Chinese people’s political participation from a cultural perspective through ethnography methodology

Han Zhang
Research Interests: Chinese media and society, gender issues

Haoyue Zhang
Research Interests: Chinese cinema and Asian animation

Tianxing Zhang
Research Interests: historical and cultural exchange between Japan and China and Western influence on Japan and China

Ran Zhang
Research Interests: women's rights issues among East Asian countries

Yinglu Zhang
Research Interests: urban sociology of China

Xiao Zhou
Research Interests: state-society of authoritarian countries, social movement and social stratification in China

Yiyu Zhou
Research Interests: economics and policy studies among East Asian countries and China