Graduate Students

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EAS-MA candidate presents research to peers at an AP Forum event, September 2017

Graduate students at APSI have a diverse array of disciplinary and regional interests, resulting in a robust and dynamic academic community within and beyond the classroom. Graduates go on to professional careers in such fields as business, education, law, media, and nonprofits or pursue doctoral degrees at some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Chengwei Chen
Research Interests: how urbanization influences East Asia, such as gentrification and international immigration issues

Yiyi Cui
Research Interests: the implications of comfort woman issues in contemporary society

Rong Fan
Research Interests: how Chinese and Japanese investment in Malaysia influence local society

Zihan Feng
Research Interests: Sinophone writings, female writers in 20th Century China, film adaptations of literary works

Ya Guo
Research Interests:  religious studies in China

Tojiro Kataya
Research Interests: intersection of politics and transnational popular culture in the 1990's, Japanese pop music in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Chengjia Liu
Research Interests: premodern East Asian legal and cultural history; political and economic issues in the modern Chinese society

Nian Liu
Research Interests: digital media, television and the Internet and its effects on diverse social values in East Asia

Xiaoning Lu
Research Interests: environmental history of East Asian countries, environmental issues

Xuehao Ma
Research Interests: cultural industries, business in pop culture, international business, international finance and food industries in Asia

Ruoyao Pan
Research Interests: how non-state, civil society actors (historians and religious institutions) work in the process of historical reconciliation in East Asia

Ruojin Sa
Research Interests: games in China and its functional future

Dingding Wang
Research Interests: East Asian literature, film, and culture

Wenyi Wang
Research Interests: industrial policy-making and practices in China

Yatong Wang
Research Interests: modern Japanese literature and popular culture, including anime and otaku culture

Robert Werder
Research Interests: digital anthropology specifically in relation to social media, censorship, and their connection to identity in China

Kaiyang Xu
Research Interests: international relations, film and communication studies

Yingzhi Xu
Research Interests: demography and migration, with primary emphasis on the population of China and health issues

Aixin Yi
Research Interests: contemporary authoritarianism, contention politics, and national identities

Li Yi
Research Interests: comparative studies in East Asian Buddhist art styles around the sixth and the seventh century

Yaming You
Research Interests: the history of East Asian international relations

Renxia Zhang
Research Interests: Sino-Japanese relationship

Tianxing Zhang
Research Interests: empire discourse in contemporary China and East Asia

Yinglu Zhang
Research Interests: Internet-based anthropological research on the emotional needs embedded in the consumption behavior of Chinese girls who ever bought “virtual lovers”

Zheyuan Zhang
Research Interests: Asian culture and society

Xiao Zhou
Research Interests: the status quo of migrant workers’ collective activism and the role of labor NGOs in the context of authoritarian China

Yiyu Zhou
Research Interests: a comparative study of women trafficking in China and India