Graduate Students


EAS-MA candidate presents research to peers at an AP Forum event, September 2017


Graduate students at APSI have a diverse array of disciplinary and regional interests, resulting in a robust and dynamic academic community within and beyond the classroom. Graduates go on to professional careers in such fields as business, education, law, media, and nonprofits or pursue doctoral degrees at renowned universities.



Hiba Ahmed
Research Interests: pedagogy and education; critical theory; Chinese ideology, culture, and the virtual nation-state 


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Xin Bao
Research Interests: cultural anthropology of China 



Quinn Bulkeley
Research Interests: modern Japanese literature, particularly works concerning the colonial period in Japan and Korea, as well as Zainichi literature 



Xinqian Cai
Research Interests: Post-Mao Chinese society, relationship between mainland China and Hong Kong 



Mengyu Chen 
Research Interests: the negotiation between intellectuals and media in modern China



Yue Gu
Research Interests: multimedia platforms especially social media and video games where a space of symbols, rituals, and realistic fantasy is upheld by both manufacturers and avatars through imagination as well as discipline



Shuqing Guo
Research Interests: Chinese literature and history 



Liangyu Peng
Research Interests: New generation migrant workers in urban China; Chinese subculture as a form of identity construction and resistance



SeungHyeon Pyo
Research Interests: translation of western concepts, socio-economic transformation, and the national awakening in 19th century Japan.



Yuan Wang
Research Interests: Intellectual history of late imperial China; cultural history and religious study


Zhushengyuan Wang

Research Interests: Cultural anthropology of China, infrastructure and development