l-r: Na Seung Yeon, Yan Li, Mary Lagdameo, Renate Kwon

APSI Staff use their diverse professional and academic backgrounds in support of APSI’s many programs and opportunities.

Giovanni Zanalda

Acting Director, APSI; Director, Duke University Center for International and Global Studies

An economist with interdisciplinary research interest, Zanalda's areas of expertise include economic history, international economics and finance and history of economics. View his full profile here.

Yan Li

APSI Associate Director

Yan received her BA in English at Beijing Normal University and her Ph.D. in History at the University of Connecticut. She works closely with APSI faculty to oversee APSI’s programs and activities, manages APSI’s budget and grants, and liaises with other offices at Duke and beyond to promote APSI’s mission.

Ling Jin

APSI Program Coordinator

Ling manages the Duke Study in China program, APSI's visiting scholars program and the Master of Arts in East Asian Studies degree program. She has an MA in East Asian Studies from Duke University and a broad background in translation, project coordination, advertising, and civic engagement in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Durham.

Renate Kwon

APSI Communications Coordinator; Southeast Asia Research Group Program Manager

Renate serves as communications coordinator for APSI and as program manager for the Southeast Asia Research Group (SEAREG). She has a master’s degree in Pacific International Affairs from UC San Diego’s School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (now the School of Global Policy and Strategy). She is proficient in German with intermediate Korean ability and has also studied Japanese and French.

Na Seung Yeon

APSI Office Manager

Na received a BA in Psychology from Korea University, and went on to earn an MBA at Seoul National University and a Master’s degree from Duke’s International Development Policy program. She has also worked as a freelance interpreter and a market/business research professional for 10 years in Korea.