APSI Staff use their diverse professional and academic backgrounds in support of APSI’s many programs and opportunities.


Richard Jaffe

APSI Faculty Director; Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Jaffe's areas of expertise include Zen Buddhism, clerical marriage in modern Japanese Buddhism, the works of D.T. Suzuki, and religion and Japanese Empire. View his full profile here.





Yan Li

APSI Associate Director

Yan received her BA in English at Beijing Normal University and her Ph.D. in History at the University of Connecticut. She works closely with APSI faculty to oversee APSI’s programs and activities, manages APSI’s budget and grants, and liaises with other offices at Duke and beyond to promote APSI’s mission.




Position Available

APSI Program Coordinator

We're hiring! APSI seeks a talented, dynamic, and creative individual to take on the position of academic program coordinator. This person will liaise with the Graduate School and work closely with APSI's Director of Graduate Studies to manage the MA in East Asian Studies program; assist with administration of the Duke in China program; manage APSI's graduate and undergraduate certificates in East Asian Studies; and provide general support for other APSI activities, events, and programs.
A bachelor's degree and ability to communicate in Chinese language are required qualifications for this position. A graduate degree with coursework on East Asia and study experience in East Asia are strongly preferred. Work requires training and experience in student advising, public relations, and program development and assessment. Preference will be given to applicants with at least 2 years' professional experience working directly with students and university offices.





Renate Kwon

APSI Communications Coordinator; Southeast Asia Research Group Program Manager

Renate serves as communications coordinator for APSI and as program manager for the Southeast Asia Research Group (SEAREG). She has a master’s degree in Pacific International Affairs from UC San Diego’s School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (now the School of Global Policy and Strategy). She is proficient in German with intermediate Korean ability and has also studied Japanese and French.





Xiaojuan Ping

APSI Office Manager

Xiaojuan assists with office administration and event planning at APSI, and manages the Duke Korean Research Fellows Program. Prior to joining APSI, she served as a Program Associate with the non-profit organization North Carolina Asian Americans Together and worked as a Research Assistant at the National University of Singapore. She obtained her MSc in International Political Economy from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and has published several books about popular culture and social movements in Asia and beyond.