Duke Korea Research Fellows Program


In support of the work of the Duke Korea Forum, APSI accepts applications from Korean professionals (e.g. journalists, researchers, librarians, civil servants and educators) seeking to conduct independent study under the guidance of a Duke University mentor and with the assistance of the coordinating faculty (Hae-Young Kim, Nayoung Aimee Kwon, Esther Kim Lee, Eunyoung Kim, Grace Kim and Giovanni Zanalda). Research fellows typically spend one year on the program. 

Please note that Duke University has been operating under strict COVID-19 restrictions since March 2020. Until further notice, the Duke Korea Research Fellows Program is not admitting new research fellows. Visit DukeUnited page for up-to-date information about visiting Duke campus, and read more about Duke’s Coronavirus Response

Download an application for more information on the Korea Research Fellows Program.
Download an information sheet about the program (in Korean - 한국어 프로그램 정보).