Duke Korea Research Fellows Program


In support of the work of the Duke Korea Forum, APSI now accepts applications from Korean professionals (e.g. journalists, researchers, librarians, civil servants and educators) seeking to conduct independent study under the guidance of a Duke University mentor and with the assistance of the coordinating faculty (Hae-Young Kim, Nayoung Aimee Kwon, Esther Kim Lee, Eunyoung Kim, Grace Kim and Giovanni Zanalda). Research fellows typically spend one year on the program. 

Please note that Duke University has been operating under strict COVID-19 restrictions since March 2020. Until further notice, our institute will only arrange for online library privileges. You will have limited access to campus resources as we are following University guidelines to limit visits to campus and work remotely if possible. We invite you to join various virtual events and programs that APSI organizes during the semester. You will learn more about other academic and networking opportunities during your orientation.

Please carefully consider these restrictions in determining your plans and contact us for further clarification. 

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Download an application for more information on the Korea Research Fellows Program.
Download an information sheet about the program (in Korean - 한국어 프로그램 정보).

Our current research fellows are: 

  • Mr. Seung Hyeon Han, Seoul Central District Court | Research Interest: Legislations and Practical Operation Regarding Oral Argument in Civil Procedure of Korea and the US.
  • Ms. Jinyoung Kim, Seoul Western District Court | Research Interest: Comparative Studies on the Court’s Judicial Assistance to Litigant and Foreigner in Korea and the US. 
  • Dr. Eulki Lim, Korean Ministry of Health & Welfare | Research Interest: health care and welfare polices directions for the elderly in Korea and the US. 
  • Mr. Gundong Kim, Institute for National Security Strategy | Research Interest: strategy for implementing transportation infrastructure for the Korean peninsula and for modernizing North Korea’s transportation SOC (social overhead capital). 
  • Mr. Yeon Seob Jeon, Daejeon District Court | Research Interest: Legal status for korean residents in America mainly in relation to inheritance law 
  • Dr. Byungmo Kim, Dankook University | Research Interest: Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance and corporate risk-taking
  • Ms. Kyoung Hee Kim, Busan Daily News | Research Interest: data journalism - a case study on media reporting of COVID-19
  • Mr. Soohong Kim, Busan District Public Prosecutors' Office | Research Interest:  Cooperation between the Prosecution and the Police according to the Amended Criminal Litigation Law
  • Ms. Kyung Woo Park, Korean Supreme Court | Research Interest: Status and Effect of the Pre-Trial Service System in the United States
  • Mr. Hyung Su Kim, Yonsap News Agency | Research Interest: analysis of performance management system (PMS) of public organizations including news agencies in the US and South Korea
  • Mr. Doh Won Kim, YTN | Research Interest: US Media’s Representation of ‘Comfort Woman’ – a political dispute or a war crime