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Duke University East Asian Collection

UNC Libraries Guide and resources on EAST Asian Studies

UNC Libraries Guide and resources on SOUTHEAST Asian Studies

Duke and UNC have a long-standing agreement to share resources for scholars of Asia, and have divided responsibility for building research collections between the two campuses. Duke has focused on Japan, Korea, and South Asia, while UNC has collected extensively on China and Southeast Asia. More recently, Duke has expanded its Chinese collections, focusing on popular culture and the contemporary social sciences. The two libraries purchase materials available to patrons on both campuses, share a catalog, and provide mutual borrowing privileges and rapid delivery for materials.

Students, postdocs, visiting scholars, and faculty can obtain expert help from Duke librarians on China, Japan, and Korea.

Students just starting out in East Asian Studies are also encouraged to check out the East Asian Info. Literacy video resources available on YouTube.  

This resource was developed in part by Duke's Japanese Studies and Asian American Studies Librarian Matthew Hayes.

Guide for Scholarly Engagement in Asian Studies

An important part of academic life is engaging your scholarly community. What is “scholarly engagement”? This means growing your scholarly network by engaging in academic events and becoming involved in conversations that extend beyond your immediate sub-field in order to better contextualize your research.

This guide provides resources for scholarly engagement in various sub-fields of Asian Studies. Primarily intended for new and incoming graduate students, this guide offers direct links to local, national, and international organizations and networks related to the study of Asia, mailing lists for major regions, yearly conferences, and workshops.

If you would like to add to this list, or if contact information has changed for any of the links below, please contact: Matthew Hayes,  A downloadable PDF version of the list is available here.  


  • This list does not include academic university departments.
  • Some items on the list appear in languages other than English.

American Center for Mongolian Studies

American Council for South Asian Art

American Oriental Society

American Institute of Bangladesh Studies

American Institute of Indian Studies

American Institute of Pakistan Studies

American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies

American Schools of Oriental Research

ASIA Network

Asia Society Policy Institute

Asian American Studies Research Collective

Association for Asian American Studies

Association of Chinese Political Studies

Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research

Association for Central Asian Civilizations and Silk Road Studies

Association for the Study of Persianate Societies

Association for Japanese Literary Studies

Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies

British Association for Chinese Studies

British Association for Japanese Studies

British Association for Korean Studies

British Society for Middle Eastern Studies

Center for research on Tibet

Center for Northeast Asian Studies

Central Eurasian Studies Society

Chinese Historians in the United States

China Christianity Studies Group

China Tibetology Research Center

Chinese Language Teachers Association

Chinese Oral and Performing Literature Group

Early Medieval China Group

European Association for Middle Eastern Studies

European Society for Central Asian Studies

Harvard-Yenching Institute






N-Northeast Asia


H-Southeast Asia


Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China

Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia

International Dunhuang Project

International Institute for Central Asian Studies

International Society for Chinese Law and History

International Council on Korean Studies

International Association for Contemporary Korea Studies

Japan Art History Forum

The Japan foundation

Japan Studies Association

Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology

Japanese Company Histories Interest Group

Japan Political Studies Group

Kinema Club

Korean Studies Association of Australasia

The Korea Foundation

The Korea Society

Maharashtra Studies Group

Manchu Studies Group

Middle East Studies Association

The Mongolia Society

National Association of Japan-America Societies

National Research Foundation of Korea

Ottoman & Turkish Association

The Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs

PSA South Asia

Royal Asiatic Society

Royal Asiatic Society Korea

Royal Society for Asian Affairs

Saint Petersburg Institute of Oriental Manuscripts

The Sejong Society of Washington D.C.

Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy

Society for East Asian Archeology

Society for Hong Kong Studies

Society for Ming Studies

Society for Song, Yuan, and Conquest Dynasties

Society for the Study of Early China

Society for the Study of Chinese Religions

Society for the Study of Japanese Religions

South Asia Summer Language Institute

South Asian Muslim Studies Association

Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute

Southeast Early China Roundtable

Pacific Islander Community Alliance

Theravada Studies Group

UCLA Asian American Studies Center