Graduate Certificate in East Asian Studies

Students walking in front of blooming plum tree on Abele Quad

Students enrolled in any of Duke’s graduate degree programs are encouraged to document their area specialization by earning a Certificate in East Asian Studies. As a certificate student you will receive updates on EAS-related events on campus and join our community of students and scholars interested in the region.  

Certificate requirements:

  • Completing four graduate-level courses (12 credit hours) from an approved list of courses in East Asian studies drawn from at least two different departments or programs. Up to one course graded on a P/F or S/U basis may be counted toward course requirements so long as a passing/satisfactory grade is achieved. 
  • Demonstrating second-year collegiate-level (or higher) proficiency in an Asian language, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

Students interested in obtaining a Graduate Certificate in East Asian Studies should submit an application to Alex Nickley. Successful completion of the certificate requirements will result in a notation on the student’s transcript.