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Film Screening: "Sheep without a Shepherd"


Krista Van Fleit (University of South Carolina)

A family man and film fanatic, Lee is forced to apply tricks he has learned from crime thrillers to cover up a killing committed by his wife and teenage daughter... a murder in which the victim is the only son of the local head of police (played by Twin Peaks star Joan Chen). This Chinese/Malay cat and mouse thriller has been a blockbuster hit across Asia.


"[A] loopy, stylized celebration of the kinds of byzantine, trap-laden suspensers that have delighted audiences from 'The Purloined Letter' through Hitchcock's wronged-man oeuvre and the career of M. Night Shyamalan." - Los Angeles Times

"SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHERD is a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse with a wicked sense of humor and a genuinely surprising conclusion." - Lamplight Review


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