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Film Screening: "Walk Up"

A middle-aged film director and the daughter he hasn't seen in years visit a building owned by an interior designer. They have come because the daughter also hopes to study interior design. The designer takes them up floor by floor to show them the renovations she has done. The three of them go into the rooms on each floor to look around. After the film begins in this way, we start again at the bottom and ascend one floor at a time.


"One of Hong's richest fables to date... A remarkably tender film." - Jonathan Romney, Screen International

"A film of gently discombobulating pleasures, constructed with a care and intricacy that never hinders the life, spontaneity and sense of possibility bursting out of every frame." - Justin Chang, The Los Angeles Times

"Astounding... Hong is an independent filmmaker of an absolute sort." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker


COVID-19 Info: Masking is optional; fully vaccinated status strongly encouraged. (See the Screen/Society website for details.)