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Queer Folkloric Fantasies


Chanel Matsunami Govreau

Join us at Queer Folkloric Fantasies and explore identity through artistic practice with NYC-based artist Chanel Matsunami Govreau. There will be an interactive performance by Chanel followed by a guided collaging workshop where you'll be able to incorporate your own folklore, identity, and history into a personal work of art. Dinner and boba will be provided (5-6PM).

Speaker Bio: Chanel Matsunami Govreau (They/She) is a Brooklyn-based artist who explores the intersections of monstrous femininity, queerness, and Japanese-American identity. Their work is a layered realm of sculptural armor, installation, screen printing and photography. Fusing humor with femme opulence, they create queer fantasies of fictionalized selfhood based on their experience as a mixed race, non-binary, Asian American person.