Reception for Iconic Interruptions, Selected Works of Gigi Scaria, 2007-2015

September 29, 2017 -
5:15 pm to 6:45 pm
Gigi Scaria

For the secular citizen-artist of our times, is the inheritance of the twentieth century a burden to be overcome, or a gift to be embraced? Iconic Interruptions explores this question with the help of some select works of Indian artist Gigi Scaria who lives and works in New Delhi. Over the past two decades, Scaria's lens-and-screen based works have exposed with deep insight and searing irony the catastrophic outcome of runaway urbanization, environmental degradation, and human displacement, but at the heart of it all lies an abiding concern with the state of the Indian nation, forged and fostered over the course of the last seventy years. The works included in this show are from the last 10 years of Scaria's engagement with Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, his complex life and philosophy and his activities that influenced the world's view on politics and human rights.

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  • Asian/Pacific Studies Institute
  • Global Asia Initiative