Screen/Society--"Mothra" (Ishiro Honda, 1961)

March 19, 2022 - 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
William Tsutsui (Ottawa University)
A large moth flying away from a silk-covered building; a smiling man surrounded by Godzilla figurines; event title and logistical information

An expedition to an irradiated island encounters a 'primitive' native culture. When one sensationalist entrepreneur tries to exploit the islanders by kidnapping two miniature singing priestesses, their ancient deity arises in retaliation and wreaks havoc on Tokyo.

Directed by Ishiro Honda (of Godzilla fame), Toho's sci-fi fantasy, Mothra (Mosura), introduces the titular character who would become Toho's second most popular kaiju (giant monster) after Godzilla, appearing in eleven Godzilla films and her own trilogy in the 1990s.

Introduction by leading Godzilla scholar William Tsutsui (Ottawa University); Q&A to follow.

COVID-19 Info: Masking required, fully vaccinated status strongly encouraged. (See our website for details.)

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  • Asian/Pacific Studies Institute