SEAREG Movie Night - Spotlight: Indonesia

October 6, 2020 - 1:00 pm
Iza Ding (University of Pittsburgh); Tom Pepinsky (Cornell); Jan Pierskalla (Ohio State University); Jessica Soedirgo (Georgetown)
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In this second SEAREG Movie Night, we will spotlight Indonesia through the lens of "Grit," the award-winning 2018 documentary about the fallout from the toxic mud tsunami that destroyed an East Javan community in 2006.

Following the screening of the film, join us for a conversation with Iza Ding (U of Pittsburgh), Eddy Malesky (Duke), Tom Pepinsky (Cornell), Jan Pierskalla (OSU), and Jessica Soedirgo (Georgetown) to gain perspective and insight about the Indonesian socio-political-cultural context.


  • Asian/Pacific Studies Institute