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Duke students at Great Wall
The grants on this page are administered by APSI for current undergraduate students at Duke (as well as those participating in the Duke Study in China program).
For additional opportunities, explore funding for all Duke students.
*APSI and DSIC scholarships are subject to Duke's Global Travel Policy.

Duke Study in China Scholarship

This merit-based scholarship supports full-time students in the Duke Study in China (DSIC) summer program. Preference is given to students who 1) demonstrate strong and sustained interest in Chinese and China Studies, 2) are enrolled in the Undergraduate Certificate in East Asian Studies program, and 3) those with no other sources of financial aid. To apply students will need to submit the supplemental DSIC Scholarship essay as part of the Duke Study in China application. Students who are accepted to the program but do not receive a Duke Study in China scholarship are encouraged to consider other funding resources, including the Janet B. Chiang grant as well as their home departments. 

Janet B. Chiang Grants

Visit the All Duke Students page for additional details and application instructions.

Kristina Troost Prize for an undergraduate project in East Asian Studies

This prize honors Dr. Kristina Kade Troost, who had a distinguished career spanning 30 years at Duke. A historian by training, Dr. Troost was Duke’s first Japanese Studies Librarian and headed the International and Area Studies Department in the Library for 20 years. She also served as the much-beloved Director of Graduate Studies for the MA program in East Asian Studies at Duke and continues to be actively involved in the Triangle Forum for Japanese Studies. Through her various roles, Dr. Troost made invaluable contributions to East Asian Studies at Duke and beyond.

The purpose of the Kristina Troost Prize is to recognize the best undergraduate project in East Asian Studies at Duke. The project can be in the form of a substantial paper, visual art, film, or digital production, among others. The prize ($450) will be awarded annually by an APSI faculty committee and given in the spring semester.

To be considered for the prize, submit the application form, a copy of your project, and a nomination letter from a faculty member who supervised the project. Applications for the 2020-21 academic year will be due no later than 5:00 p.m. on April 16, 2021.

Scholarships for Study Abroad in Korea or Japan

Limited funding is available to full-time Duke students who plan to go to Japan or Korea to study language. Priority is given to students who 1) wish to continue language study after finishing Duke University's language requirement of three semesters, 2) are majoring or minoring in Japanese, Korean, or AMES, and 3) have arranged affiliations with local institutions in Japan or Korea.

Applicants must include a basic budget and list all other sources and amounts of funding (including applications for funding). Applications for 2021-22 are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 5, 2021.

***For Summer 2021, only applications for online delivery (remote) language courses will be considered. Undergraduate students will not be able to use university funds for travel.***

Sirena WuDunn Memorial Scholarship

On September 1, 1983, Sirena WuDunn, en route to Hong Kong for a year of study, was aboard Korean Airlines flight 007, which was shot down by Soviet fighters. Since then, the WuDunn family has worked with Duke students and administrators to endow a scholarship in honor of her life.

The award is not need-based; however, should the recipient be on financial aid, the amount of the scholarship will be used to reduce the self-help portion of the financial aid award. The award is given to the student(s) who best embody the ideals and interests that Sirena held. Preference for the award will be given to students who:

  1. Are of Asian ancestry, preferably Chinese American
  2. Have made a valuable contribution in the area of East-West culture, and
  3. Have demonstrated academic excellence

Applications for 2021-22 will be due no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 5, 2021. This is a grant for an academic-year award and cannot be used for summer programs.

Summer Research Grants

Full-time Duke sophomores and juniors may receive up to $2,500 to conduct research in China, Japan, Korea, or Southeast Asia. Priority will be given to students who 1) will conduct research for a senior thesis; 2) whose projects have a high probability of developing into a senior thesis; 3) who have done some preliminary work and have arranged affiliations with local institutions for the research; and 4) are enrolled in the Undergraduate Certificate in East Asian Studies program. Applicants must include a basic budget and list all other sources and amounts of funding (including applications for funding). If the research project involves human subjects, submit evidence that the project has been submitted for Duke Campus IRB review (submit verification if already approved or exempted). Funding will not be released until IRB approval (or exemption) is obtained.

Applications for Summer 2021 are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 5, 2021.

***For Summer 2021, undergraduate awards may be applied to the following categories: research materials (e.g.: book purchases, fees for digitalizing archived data, high resolution GIS images); virtual conference or seminar attendance/presentations; in-country data collection fees; transcription fees; RedCAP fees***

Internship funding

Duke Career Services offers financial support to students participating in unpaid or low-pay summer internships. Learn more about the Career Services Internship Funding Program.

DUCIGS Undergraduate Overseas Summer Research Awards

We encourage undergraduates to explore additional funding opportunities via APSI's parent organization: the Duke University Center for International and Global Studies (DUCIGS).  DUCIGS offers Undergraduate Awards for Summer Research providing funding ($750-$1500) for full-time undergraduate students at Duke to complement their classwork with research experience in different social and cultural settings. Rising Duke sophomores, juniors and seniors pursuing an overseas academic research project of minimum five weeks' duration are eligible to apply.