Been All Around This World: A Trip to Japan

July 27, 2019

Contemporary Japanese art on the island of Naoshima in the Inland SeaDuring the summer months, APSI-affiliated students and faculty continue their pursuit of knowledge in interesting and innovative ways, often by conducting travel and research abroad. Among these intrepid scholars is Kristina Troost, Japanese Studies Librarian in the Duke Libraries' Department of International and Area Studies and 2019-2020 Director of Graduate Studies for APSI's Master of Arts in East Asian Studies program. As part of the Duke Libraries' "Been All Around This World: Missives from the International & Area Studies Department" series, Troost contributed a blog post about her most recent visit to Japan.

In Troost's own words, "Each time I visit Japan, I try to explore new areas and go to museums and libraries I have not visited before. Both NWEC [National Women's Education Center] and Naoshima have been on my list of places to visit for some time and both exceeded my expectations. Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery and 21-21 Design Sight were recommended this summer by a faculty member I work with. While my primary goal is to deepen my knowledge and extend my connections in ways that I know will support the students and faculty I work with, I usually find that I use the knowledge I gain in unanticipated ways."

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