Celebrating Fall 2022

September 12, 2022
Cartoon rabbit holding a lantern, sitting on a crescent moon

APSI wishes all of our friends and neighbors a very happy 추석 ~ 中秋节快乐 ~ 十五夜 の お月見 ~ Tết Trung Thu!

To celebrate, APSI hosted a small gathering of graduate students on September 10. Our eight new EAS-MA students joined some of their senior classmates as well as APSI staff, including Eileen Chow, our Director of Graduate Studies, to enjoy mooncakes, rice cakes (ddeok + mochi), honey cookies, and bubble tea.

Although the planned moon-viewing component was stymied by overcast skies (and even some rain), good times were had by all as students and scholars had the chance to unwind, interact, and become better acquainted following an intensive first two weeks of the fall semester.

Celebrating cultural milestones, especially holidays, is an important way of returning balance to a busy life. It was great to see our community take some time to learn about one another's traditions at a time that means so much to so many.

We look forward to getting together with our students at academic and social events this term and well into the future.


The Graduate School at Duke offers a number of tips for promoting well-being as well as resources available to members of the Duke community.