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Congratulations to the MA-EAS graduates of 2023!

The end of an academic term can bring many feelings: relief that coursework and exams are done, excitement about the possibilities that lie ahead, and nostalgia for the community that will soon shift as classmates undertake new challenges and opportunities. On May 10, APSI hosted an informal gathering of students and faculty to celebrate the end of the academic year, highlighting the achievements of our newest alumni and wishing them well as they plan for their next steps.

Prof. Eileen Chow, APSI’s Director of Graduate Studies, noted the perseverance and dedication demonstrated by this diverse cohort of graduates, many of whom began their studies during a global pandemic. However, each of these remarkable individuals ultimately found a path to complete their degree requirements, and so the festive gathering served as a reflection of their achievements.

For APSI, we particularly celebrate the seven students who earned their MA in East Asian Studies this year as well as one PhD student who will receive a graduate certificate in East Asian Studies along with her degree.

  • Hiba Ahmed, completed degree requirements with research paper option
  • Quinn Bulkeley, EAS-MA thesis: “Fine Lines: Negotiating Identity and Language in Translation in Lee Yang-ji’s Yuhi and Kazukime”
  • Xinqian Cai*, EAS-MA thesis: “Rural Villages, Urbanization, and Female Villager's Social Status: Fieldwork in a Shenzhen Urban Village”
  • Yue Gu*, EAS-MA thesis: “Chinese Cloud Players: How Proxy Play Develops from the Game Live Streaming”
  • SeungHyeon Pyo, EAS-MA thesis: “The Political Thinking of Nishi Amane in the Reception of Right ”
  • Yuan Wang, EAS-MA thesis: “A Century of Sleeplessness: Zheng Guangzu, Lower Gentry and Religion, 1776-1866”
  • Zhushengyuan Wang, EAS-MA thesis: “‘Sky Eye’: Infrastructure, Politics and Livelihood in Southern Guizhou”
  • Jieun Cho**, PhD, Cultural Anthropology; dissertation: “Anxious Care: Radioactive Uncertainty and the Politics of Life in Post-Nuclear Japan”

*Graduated FA23
**EAS certificate

Four of our graduates plan to apply their research skills to professional careers; three intend to pursue further education and will apply for PhD programs this fall. One is considering postdoctoral fellowship opportunities. We wish them all well in their endeavors and look forward to hearing about their new accomplishments over time.