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Environmental Humanities for Sustainable Citizenship in Asia

On Jan 22-23, 2017, the Global Asia Initiative at Duke organized a workshop on the Environmental Humanities in Asia (EHA) program it is initiating at Duke. Presenters gave 20 minute presentations introducing their work and its significance for an agenda with the EHA. The workshop was designed around the visit of Lin Yih-ren, a Taiwanese scholar who works on Buddhist environmentalism, aboriginal hunting cultures and multi-species relations.

Workshop agenda:

Sunday January 22nd, 2017

12.30 pm -1.30pm Keynote Speaker

Yih-Ren Lin, Taipei Medical University: ‘Disaster: Administrators, Buddhists and Indigenous resilience’

1.30-3.00 pm: Environmental Justice

  • Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan, Yale University: Environmental Jurisprudence and Inequality in India
  • Julia Thomas, University of Notre Dame: The Politics of Periodization: “the Anthropocene” and Asia
  • Carlos Rojas, Duke University: Imagining locale: Hong Kong protest movements in the age of the Anthropocene

3.15-4.45 pm: Historical Approaches

  • Christian Lentz, University of North Carolina: The Labors of Citizenship: Environmental Politics in Postcolonial Vietnam
  • Meng Yue, University of Toronto: Contested Ways of the “Good Life”
  • Andrea Janku, SOAS University of London: Whose Views? Views of What? Seeing the Environment through the Genre of ‘Bajing’ (Eight Views)

4.45-6.15 pm: Technology and Culture

  • Marc Jeuland, Duke University: Preference heterogeneity and adoption of improved cookstoves in northern India
  • Meena Khandelwal, University of Iowa: In Favor of Awkward Conversations: Universalizing Epistemologies and Deep Meaning
  • Ralph Litzinger, Duke University and Fan Yang, University of Maryland: Eco-media Events: Media Materialism as a New Method for Environmental Humanities
Monday January 23rd, 2017

9.30 am-11.30 am: Spiritual Ecologies

  • Robert Weller, Boston University: Religious Change and Disturbed Religious Ecosystems in Jiangsu, China
  • Chris Coggins, Bard College at Simon’s Rock: Wind-Water Polities: Village Fengshui Forests and Sustainable Citizenship in Southern China
  • Dan Smyer Yü, Yunnan Minzu University: Eco-geological Terrains of Gods, Humans, and the Earth: An Ethography of Folk Buddhist Environmental Humanities in Amdo
  • David Grace, Duke University:The Sacred Grove and the City: Analysis of Preferences in India’s National Capital Region

11.30-1.00 pm: Animals and Humans

  • Haiyan Lee, Stanford University: “A Convocation of Politic Worms”: The Romance of the Species in the Anthropocene
  • Jeffrey Nicolaisen, Duke University: Sustainable Citizenship and the Taiwanese Canine: Who is included in the Anthropocene citizenry?
  • Barbara Ambros, University of North Carolina: Hidy, Hidy, Little Rascal: Raccoons as a Non-native Species and National Identity in Japan

1.30-3.00 pm: Representing Degradation

  • William Schaefer, University of Rochester: Photograph Ecologies: Picturing the Anthropocene in China
  • Melody Jue, The University of California, Santa Barbara: Environmental Media and the Futures of Storytelling
  • Takushi Odagiri, Duke University: The Binary of the Everyday after the Fukushima Crisis

3.00-3.45: Wrap Up (moderated by Prasenjit Duara)