New APSI Faculty Expand Asian Studies at Duke

December 1, 2020

Fall 2020 was an unprecedented season for APSI in many respects. One of the most positive developments was the addition of three faculty members to our roster of Asia-focused experts at Duke University.

Each of them brings a diverse array of experience and academic interests to the APSI community, and we look forward to working with them to advance our shared goal of supporting research and teaching that is focused on the Asia Pacific region at Duke.

Read below and follow the links to discover more about these amazing scholars:

Professor Esther Kim Lee

Esther Kim Lee

Country Expertise: Korea
Subject Expertise: Theatre, drama, and performance studies; Korean diaspora; Asian American studies; global performances



Professor Anna Sun - profile photo

Anna Sun

Country Expertise: China
Subject Expertise: Contemporary Chinese religious life; development of global Confucianisms in the 21st century; comparative ritual theory; theory and methodology underlying the social scientific study of religion

Watch a video of Prof. Sun discussing Religion in China >>


Professor Yun Emily Wang

Yun Emily Wang

Country Expertise: China, Taiwan, Chinese diaspora
Subject Expertise: Ethnomusicology, sound studies; gender, queer theory, transnationalism, everyday life studies; performing arts of East Asia and Asian America