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Seulbin Han, EAS-MA '24, receives Dean's Research Award for Master's Students

Congratulations to EAS-MA '24 candidate Seulbin Han on receiving the 2023-24 Dean’s Research Award for Master’s Students. This award provides up to $1,000 to fund the purchase of materials and supplies to support research relevant to a master’s student’s degree completion as well as research or conference travel.

Han received this award to support a research project which focuses on analyzing the global success of Korean popular music, or K-Pop, with an emphasis on the phenomenon's consumers. Her Master's thesis is a critical introduction to the English translation of Brother Is a Street Musician - The Modern Era in Popular Songs by Zhang Eujeong, originally published in Korean in 2006. This dissertation project argues for the significance of this book’s inclusion in today’s lively conversations around the sub-field of Korean popular music in English-language academia. Furthermore, it sheds light on how dialogue between English academia and the academia of host-language countries/regions, facilitated by translation, can progressively enrich the way we expand knowledge about global phenomena as they flow across time, borders, and languages.

For the 2023–2024 academic year, the Duke Graduate School granted a total of 65 awards to students across the university. Read more about the recipients >>