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There and back again: Duke students explore Asia with help from APSI

We know what our students did last summer... because we helped them do it!

Each year, APSI provides funding for undergraduate and graduate students at Duke to expand their knowledge and understanding of Asia. These resources can be used to support field research as well as language study, advancing a thesis or enhancing ability to communicate at an advanced level in a target language.

In summer 2023, APSI awarded $19,000 to students for language study. Four undergraduates and one graduate student enrolled in intensive Chinese programs in Taiwan; one grad student and two undergraduates took rigorous Japanese courses in Japan.

Taking advantage of other lines of financial support for undergraduate students, one conducted archival research in China, and one participated in international exchange through the 75th Japan-America Student Conference.

Graduate students working on an MA capstone or thesis or a PhD dissertation in East or Southeast Asian studies are eligible to apply for up to $3,000 from APSI to support their academic endeavors during the summer months. This year, APSI provided over $19,000 in summer research grants to eleven graduate students; five conducted research in China, two went to Japan, one went to Malaysia, one spent time in Korea, and one more went to Taiwan while a final student wrapped up research on Asian religious practices in the U.S.

Additionally, over $10,000 was distributed through the Janet B. Chiang grant to five students, including two undergraduates who developed programs to enhance Asian-American understanding in Korea, China, and the U.S. Three graduate students were supported in projects related to their studies: anthropological research on leisure in Japan; advanced Sanskrit study in Nepal; and musicians in the Asian diaspora.

Several of our EAS-MA students kindly provided reflections (and photos) from their time abroad during summer 2023:

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