SP24 course: Queer and Feminist Methods in Asia (AMES 390S / AADS 290S / AMES 590S)

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Spring 2024


Queer and Feminist Methods in Asia
AMES 390S / AADS 290S / AMES 590S
Instructor: Dr Daryl Maude
Wednesday, Friday, 3:05 pm - 4:20 pm
Old Chemistry 003*
In this course, we will examine approaches to thinking about Asia in queer and feminist ways, and explore the excitements and problems of queer and feminist theory in Asia.
Rather than assuming that “theory” is a Western method to be applied to an Asian “text” or “situation,” we will rather read and discuss Asian works in various genres, and take them as both objects of analysis and methods for analysis, asking how both their forms and their contents can deepen our understanding of this subject.

How do Asian texts make theory? How does Western theory get taken up, translated, adapted, and appropriated away from their original contexts? How do queer and feminist thinkers in Japan, Okinawa, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Asian America create theory and art that speaks to their situations and to ours?

Thinking about the currents of feminist and queer thought as they move through space, back and forth across the Pacific, we will also question our own situation as scholars in North America thinking about Asian queerness and Asian feminism.

*Date, time, and location subject to change. Consult DukeHub for current information.



Dr. Daryl Maude


Dr. Daryl Maude

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