Undergraduate East Asian Studies Certificate

APSI’s undergraduate certificate in East Asian Studies provides students with the opportunity for interdisciplinary, in-depth study of historical and contemporary East Asian societies and cultures. Students construct a sequence of courses complementing their major field of study, enabling them to knowledgeably engage with East Asia in professional and academic contexts.

Certificate requirements:

Certificate students must complete six courses: an approved gateway course, an approved capstone seminar and four additional electives, including East Asian language courses, all of which must be at or above the 200 level. At least two different departments must be represented, with no more than three courses from one single department or major. Students should declare interest in receiving the EAS certificate by the fifth semester.

Undergraduates will also have the opportunity to publish their academic work for the certificate in the student-run Duke East Asia Nexus Journal.

Questions about the Undergraduate EAS Certificate? E-mail: apsi@duke.edu.