Our Mission

APSI organizes and promotes research, teaching, programs, and events to engage scholars and practitioners dedicated to advancing Asian Studies across academic disciplines at Duke and professionally around the world.

What does APSI do?
  • Fosters an active community of scholars of East and Southeast Asia
  • Enhances interdisciplinary and transnational awareness of the Asia Pacific region at Duke and in the southeastern United States
  • Promotes high standards of undergraduate and graduate education in Asian Studies
How does APSI do it?
  • Administering the Master of Arts and a Graduate Certificate program in East Asian Studies
  • Supporting and offering courses focused on East Asia
  • Hosting visiting scholars conducting research on East Asia at Duke University
  • Promoting student and faculty research related to the region through grants, fellowships and awards
  • Organizing and co-sponsor events, including talks and conferences on campus
  • Maintaining global partnerships and exchanges in the region
  • Elevating the study of languages, histories, contemporary societies, and cultures of East and Southeast Asia