Every semester, Duke offers a variety of courses focused on East Asia in multiple academic disciplines. These courses can be used to meet minor, major, certificate, and/or degree requirements. Duke students are also eligible to enroll in classes at the University of North Carolina. Details on receiving credit can be found on the Registrar's website.  

An EAS MA student who wishes to take an undergraduate-level course must meet with the DGS and gain approval. Students must fill out the Permission to Enroll in A Course Below the 500 Level Form and submit it to The Graduate School before 5:00 p.m. two business days before the last day of the drop/add period. Students seeking to conduct an Independent Study with an APSI faculty member should complete the Application for Research Independent Study in East Asian Studies in order to register for EAS 791; instructor and DGS approval are required.  

If a desired course is not listed as an East Asia course, EAS MA students can petition the DGS to count the course toward the degree requirement if at least 1/3 of the graded work (such as exams, weekly writing assignments, and mid-term or final papers) is on East Asia. Students must fill out the Request to Take Unlisted East Asian Courses Form and submit it to the DGSA before 5:00 p.m. two business days before the last day of the drop/add period.

Course descriptions and schedules for current and prospective students are available at DukeHub.

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East Asian Studies Courses, Fall 2022

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
AMES 129 Masters of Chinese Cinema  Guo-Juin Hong CINE 250, LIT 214, VMS 235
AMES 165S The World of Japanese Pop Culture  Staff CULANTH 365S
AMES 171 The World of Korean Cinema Staff CINE 256, CULANTH 255, LIT 212, VMS 234
AMES 195S Rethinking Asia and Me Carlos Rojas  
AMES 456S Representations of Gender & Sexuality in Modern China Linshan Jiang POLSCI 456S
AMES 478S Korean Sociolinguistics Hae-Young Kim LINGUIST 306S
AMES 631 National Cinemas Guo-Juin Hong CINE 632, LIT 632, VMS 632
AMES 790S Special Topics in Critical Asian Humanities Methodologies Carlos Rojas  

Asian american and diaspora Studies 

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
**AADS 201 Intro to Asian American and Diaspora Studies Staff AMES 276, HISTORY 274, ICS 286
**AADS 232S Asian American Theater Esther Lee AMES 182S, ENGLISH 387S
**AADS 364S Race, Gender and Sexuality  Anna Storti  AAAS 242S, GSF 364S, SXL 264S  

Art History

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
ARTHIST 378 Chinese Buddhist Art Stan Abe VMS 378
ARTHIST 715S Fascism East and West Paul Jaskot, Gennifer Weisenfeld  


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
CHINESE 101 First-Year Chinese I Departmental Staff  
CHINESE 102 First-Year Chinese II Departmental Staff  
CHINESE 105D First-Year Chinese in Review Chi-Ju Hsieh  
CHINESE 131 First-Year Chinese Bilingual Learners    
CHINESE 203 Intermediate Chinese I Yan Liu, Ya-Chuan Chou  
CHINESE 204 Intermediate Chinese II Chi-Ju Hsieh, Jia Yan  
CHINESE 205 Intermediate-Mid Chinese  Chi-Ju Hsieh, Jia Yan  
CHINESE 232 Intermediate Chinese for Bilingual Learners Carolyn Lee AMES 271T
CHINESE 305 Advanced Chinese I Shu Ting Hsu  
CHINESE 321S Business/Interculture in China Chi-Ju Hsieh, Shu Ting Hsu  
CHINESE 331 Modern Chinese Media Tianshu He  
CHINESE 332 Chinese Translation Yan Liu   
CHINESE 333 Advanced Chinese for Bilingual Learners  Tianshu He  
CHINESE 407S Issues in Chinese Language & Society Yan Liu  
CHINESE 435S Chinese in the Humanities Ziyue Jiao  
CHINESE 791 Independent Study  Departmental Staff  

Cultural Anthropology

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
CULANTH 241 Migrant China Ralph Litzinger AMES 231
CULANTH 341 Life and Death: Global Perspectives Anne Allison GLHLTH 353, ICS 353, SOCIOL 351
**CULANTH 278 Sex/Gender - Nature/Nurture Ara Wilson, Christina Williams GSF 278, SXL 278
CULANTH 404S Ethics of Hope Anne Allison ETHICS 404S, GSF 404S, ICS 427S,
CULANTH 520S Eco-Media: Studies in Planetary Futures Ralph Litzinger LIT 522S, VMS 520S
**CULANTH 700S Surveillance and Technology Orin Starn  LIT 700S, SOCIOL 700S


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
EAS 700 East Asian Studies Core Course: Fields and Methods Eileen Chow  AMES 700, RELIGION 700, HISTORY 707


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
ECON 379 Emerging Markets: Finance, Trade, Institutions andthe World Economy Giovanni Zanalda ICS 379


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
HISTORY 223 Modern China 1800-Present Staff AMES 234
HISTORY 226 Ancient and Early Modern Japan Staff AMES 167
HISTORY 305 History of International Financial and Monetary Crises Giovanni Zanalda ECON 305, ICS 305


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
JPN 101 Elementary Japanese Naoko Kurokawa  
JPN 203 Intermediate Japanese Azusa Saito  
JPN 305 Advanced Japanese Azusa Saito  
JPN 791 Independent Study Departmental Staff  


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
KOREAN 101 Elementary Korean Barohny Eun  
KOREAN 203 Intermediate Korean Eunyoung Kim  
KOREAN 305 Advanced Korean Eunyoung Kim  
KOREAN 455S Korean Politics and Society Jung Min Lee  


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
LAW 552 Law and Governance in China Shitong Qiao  


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
**LINGUIST 125FS Languages, Margins, Borders: Representations, Practices, and Policies Gareth O Price SOCIOL 125FS, ICS 125FS
**LINGUIST 201-02 Intro to Linguistics Gareth O Price CULANTH 201


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
LIT 426S France-Asia: Globalized Context  Anne-Gaelle Saliot AMES 426S, ICS 413S, FRENCH 426S
**LIT 690-8 Paradigms of Modern Thought: Versions of Marx  Frederick Jameson   


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
MUSIC 210 Chinese Music Ensemble  Jennifer Chang  AMES 145
MUSIC 290S Listening to China Yun Emily Wang  AADS 290S, AMES 290S, CULANTH 290S
MUSIC 790S Sonotopias: Sound and Space  Yun Emily Wang  GSF 890S, CULANTH 890S


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing

Political Science

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
**POLSCI 348 Global Environmental Politics Erika Weinthal ENVIRON 348, PUBPOL 349
**POLSCI 763S Foundational Scholarship in International Relations Joseph Grieco  

Public Policy

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
**PUBPOL 840S Introductory Demographic Measures and Concepts  Giovanna Merli GLHLTH 761S


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
RELIGION 318S Knowledge of the Other Anna Sun AMES 312S
RELIGION 323S Buddhist Meditation Richard Jaffe AMES 315S
RELIGION 780 American Missions/Chinese Xianity Xi Lian  
RELIGION 919S Transnational Confucianism Anna Sun AMES 919S

Slavic & Eurasian Studies

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
SES 490S Muslim Eurasia Transformations Mustafa O Tuna  


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
**SOCIOL 344 Technology and Organizational Environments Bai Gao  


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
THEATRST 232S Asian American Theater Esther Kim Lee AADS 232S, AMES 182S, ENGLISH 387S

* = All assignments must be done on East Asia to be applied to the MA in East Asian Studies or the Undergraduate or Graduate Certificate in East Asian Studies

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