Every semester, Duke offers a variety of courses focused on East Asia in multiple academic disciplines. These courses can be used to meet minor, major, certificate, and/or degree requirements. Duke students are also eligible to enroll in classes at the University of North Carolina. Details on receiving credit can be found on the Registrar's website.  

An EAS MA student who wishes to take an undergraduate-level course must meet with the DGS and gain approval. Students must fill out the Permission to Enroll in A Course Below the 500 Level Form and submit it to The Graduate School before 5:00 p.m. two business days before the last day of the drop/add period. Students seeking to conduct an Independent Study with an APSI faculty member should complete the Application for Research Independent Study in East Asian Studies in order to register for EAS 791; instructor and DGS approval are required.  

If a desired course is not listed as an East Asia course, EAS MA students can petition the DGS to count the course toward the degree requirement if at least 1/3 of the graded work (such as exams, weekly writing assignments, and mid-term or final papers) is on East Asia. Students must fill out the Request to Take Unlisted East Asian Courses Form and submit it to the DGSA before 5:00 p.m. two business days before the last day of the drop/add period.

Course descriptions and schedules for current and prospective students are available at DukeHub.

Click here for current gateway and capstone courses for the Undergraduate Certificate.

East Asian Studies Courses, Spring 2023

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
AMES 107 Intro to East Asian Cultures Eileen Chow ICS 144
AMES 146S Korean Pop Music Jung Min Lee MUSIC 148S
AMES 190S Japanese Literature/Culture Linda Galvane  
AMES 309 Chinese Im/Migration Carlos Rojas RIGHTS 309
AMES 372 Two Koreas Aimee Kwon HISTORY 473, CULANTH 473
AMES 390S-03 Special Topics: Narratives of Waste in Japan Linda Galvane  
AMES 390S-02 Special Topics: East Asia Rememberance Linshan Jiang  
AMES 476S Archiving and Visualizing Asia Aimee Kwon ICS 411S, LIT 476S, VMS 476S, HISTORY 448S
AMES 511 Documentary/East Asian Culture Guo-juin Hong, William Carroll DOCST 511, ICS 513
AMES 576S Archiving and Visualizing Asia Aimee Kwon HISTORY 514S
AMES 709 Chinese Im/Migration Carlos Rojas VMS 709
AMES 790S Remembrance in Modern East Asia  Linshan Jiang  
AMES 890S Narratives of Waste in Japan Linda Galvane  

Asian american and diaspora Studies 

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
**AADS 336S Asian American Literature  Susan B Thananopavarn AMES 332, ENGLISH 352, LIT 353
**AADS 382S Intimacies Anna Storti GSF 382S  

Art History

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
ARTHIST432S Pleasure Quarters to Tokyo Pop  Gennifer Weisenfeld VMS 432S


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
CHINESE 101 First-Year Chinese I Departmental Staff  
CHINESE 102 First-Year Chinese II Departmental Staff  
CHINESE 131 First-Year Chinese Bilingual Learners    
CHINESE 203 Intermediate Chinese I Yan Liu, Ya-Chuan Chou
CHINESE 204 Intermediate Chinese II Chi-Ju Hsieh, Jia Yan  
CHINESE 232 Intermediate Chinese for Bilingual Learners Carolyn Lee AMES 271T
CHINESE 306 Advanced Chinese II Shu Ting Hsu  
CHINESE 321S Business/Interculture in China Shu Ting Hsu  
CHINESE 331D Modern Chinese Media    
CHINESE 333 Advanced Chinese for Bilingual Learners  Tianshu He  
CHINESE 408S Issues in Chinese Language & Society Yan Liu  
CHINESE 450S Understanding China & the US Yan Liu  
CHINESE 791 Independent Study  Departmental Staff  

Cultural Anthropology

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
CULANTH 360 Global Apple Ralph Litzinger AMES 360, LIT 361, SOCIOL 360, ICS 369
CULANTH 410S** Mobility Enseng Ho ICS 425S, PUBPOL 412S
CULANTH 731S Critical Ethnographies Anne Allison   


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
EAS 791 Independent Study  Staff  


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
ECON 379 Emerging Markets: Finance, Trade, Institutions andthe World Economy Giovanni Zanalda ICS 379


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
HISTORY 135 Silk Roads and China Sucheta Mazumdar AMES 207, RELIGION 181, MEDREN 135
HISTORY 162S Gateway Seminar: Asia Global History Sucheta Mazumdar  
**HISTORY 201 Globalization And History Giovanni Zanalda PUBPOL 236
HISTORY 514S Culture/Environment in Modern China Prasenjit Duara  AMES 531


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
JPN 102 Elementary Japanese NaokoKurokawa  
JPN 204 Intermediate Japanese Azusa Saito  
JPN 306 Advanced Japanese Azusa Saito  
JPN 791 Independent Study Departmental Staff  


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
KOREAN 102 Elementary Korean Barohny Eun  
KOREAN 204 Intermediate Korean EunyoungKim  
KOREAN 306S Advanced Korean EunyoungKim  
KOREAN 408S Issues in Korean Lang/Soc II Hae-Young Kim  


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
LINGUIST 315 Japanese as a Second Language Yunchuan Chen AMES 310S
LINGUIST 337S Chinese Sociolinguistics Yan Liu AMES 337S
**LINGUIST 202 Languages of the World Dominika Baran  
**LINGUIST 471S Language and Politics Gareth Price SOCIOL 471S; SES 484S


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
**LIT 380 Marxism and Society Michael Hardt  CULANTH 203, EDUC 239, POLSCI 371, SOCIOL 339
LIT 390S Special Topics: Eurasian Film Rey Chow ARTSVIS 390S, VMS 390S, AMES 390S
LIT 617S Special Topics: China as World Picture Rey Chow AMES 616S, VMS 616S


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
**MUSIC 190S Special Topics: Dear Viola Yun Wang CULANTH 190S
MUSIC 210 Chinese Music Ensemble Jennifer Chang, Hsiao-Mei Ku AMES 145


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
PHIL 263 Chinese Philosophy Daniel Stephens AMES 275

Political Science

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
POLSCI 590-2 Seminar in Chinese Politics Melanie Manion  

Public Policy

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
RELIGION 120 Buddhism Richard Jaffe AMES 114
RELIGION 581S Religion in Modern Asia Richard Jaffe AMES 581S, EAS 581S
RELIGION 783S XTY Encounter with Other Religions and Cultures: The Case of East Asia  Xi Lian WXTIAN 813

Slavic & Eurasian Studies

Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
**SOCIOL 344 Technology and Organizational Environments Bai Gao  
**SOCIOL 345 National, Regional, & Global Economy Mary Hovsepian  
SOCIOL 541 US and Asian Pacific  Bai Gao  


Course # Title Instructor Cross-listing
THEATRST233 Dance/Dance Theater of Asia Purnimah Shah AMES 246, DANCE 356, ICS 243, RELIGION 241

* = All assignments must be done on East Asia to be applied to the MA in East Asian Studies or the Undergraduate or Graduate Certificate in East Asian Studies

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