Every semester, Duke offers a variety of courses focused on East Asia in multiple academic disciplines. These courses can be used to meet minor, major, certificate, and/or degree requirements.

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East Asian Studies Courses, Spring 2017
Course #, Title, Instructor

AMES 270T, Voices in Global Health: Mandarin Tutorial, Yan Liu, Deborah Reisinger

AMES 308S, Bilingualism, Hae-Young Kim

AMES 316S, Breakdancers, Vocaloids & Game, Dwayne Dixon

AMES 335, Chinatowns: A Cultural History, Eileen Chow

AMES 409S, Discourse of Disease, Carlos Rojas

AMES 410S, Trauma in Asia, Shai Ginsburg, Nayoung Aimee Kwon

AMES 473, Two Koreas, Nayoung Aimee Kwon

AMES 511, Documentary/East Asian Culture, Guo-Juin Hong

AMES 535, Chinese Media & Pop Culture, Kang Liu

AMES 750, CAH ProSeminar, Carlos Rojas

CHINESE 102, First-Year Chinese II, Tianshu He/Staff

CHINESE 204, Intermediate Chinese, Menghuan Li/Yan Liu

CHINESE 205, Intermediate-Mid Chinese, Chi-Ju Hsieh

CHINESE 232, Literacy in Chinese II, Ya-Chuan Chou/Wenjia Ma

CHINESE 306, Advanced Chinese II, Yan Liu/Qiang Zhang

CHINESE 321, Business/Interculture in Chinese, Multiple

CHINESE 333, Advanced Literacy in Chinese, Chi-Ju Hsieh

CHINESE 371, Classic Chinese Mod Context I, Tianshu He

CHINESE 391, Independent Study, Departmental Staff

CHINESE 408S, Issues in Chinese Lang/Soc II, Wenjia Ma

CHINESE 456, Chinese Culture and Society, Kang Liu

CULANTH 104D, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Anne Allison

CULANTH 890S, Advanced Selected Topics Theorizing the Anthropocene, Ralph Litzinger

ECON 305, History International Finance & Monetary Crises, Giovanni Zanalda

ECON 613, Applied Econometrics: Micro, Yi (Daniel) Xu

ECON 908, Economic History (Workshop), Giovanni Zanalda

GLHLTH 402, History of Global Health, Nicole Barnes

HISTORY 159S, Gateway Sem: Grandparents, Simon Partner

HISTORY 183S/AMES 187S, Gateway Sem: Civil Rights and Asian Americans, Sucheta Mazumdar

HISTORY 201, Globalization and History, Giovanni Zanalda

HISTORY 223/AMES 238, Modern China, 1800-Present, Nicole Barnes

HISTORY 226/AMES 267, Ancient and Early Modern Japan, Simon Partner

HISTORY 514S, Culture and Environment in Modern Chinese History, Prasenjit Duara

JPN 102, Elementary Japanese, Hitomi Endo/Naoko Kurokawa

JPN 204, Intermediate Japanese, Azusa Saito

JPN 306, Advanced Japanese, Naoko Kurokawa

JPN 391, Independent Study, Departmental Staff

JPN 408S, Issues in Japanese Lang/Soc II, Hitomi Endo

KOREAN 102, Elementary Korean, Barohny Eun

KOREAN 204, Intermediate Korean, Eunyoung Kim

KOREAN 306S, Advanced Korean, Eunyoung Kim

KOREAN 391, Independent Study, Departmental Staff

KOREAN 455S, Korean Politics and Society, Hae-Young Kim

LINGUIST 471S, Language and Politics, Gareth Price

LINGUIST 490S, SP Topics in Linguistics, Language and the Media, Gareth Price

LIT 301S/AMES 301S, Theory Today The Family in the Global Age, Rey Chow, Markos Hadjioannou

PHIL 263, Chinese Philosophy, David Wong

POLSCI 229, Institutions & Self Governance, Emerson Niou

POLSCI 324, Chinese Politics, Melanie Manion

POLSCI 342, Strategy and Politics, Emerson Niou

POLSCI 555S, Politics of Market Competition, Bora Park

PUBPOL 311S, Business and Human Rights, Juliette Duara, Suzanne Katzenstein

RELIGION 211S/AMES 176S, Religion and Culture in Korea, Hwansoo Kim

RELIGION 327S/AMES 386S, Tibetan Buddhism, David Need

RELIGION 328S/AMES 286S, Buddhism and Sexuality, Hwansoo Kim

RELIGION 916, Japanese Religions, Richard Jaffe

SES 290S/SES 773S, Between Moscow, Beijing, Delhi, Mustafa Tuna

SOCIOL 344, Tech and Org Environments, Bai Gao

TIBETAN 102, Elementary Tibetan II, Departmental Staff

TIBETAN 204, Intermediate Tibetan II, Departmental Staff

VMS 290S, Art of Unconventional Comics, Ryan Holmberg, Bill Fick

*All assignments must be done on East Asia to be applied to the MA in East Asian Studies or Undergraduate Certificate.

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